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Fishing & Hunting

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FishHungary has a wealth of natural lakes of all sizes, reservoirs, quarry lakes, ox-bows, irrigation canals and picturesque rivers, so the Hungarian fishing community of nearly 400,000 and the tens of thousands of foreign fishermen visiting Hungary annually can select from a wide choice.
The total fishable area of Hungarian waters exceeds 130,000 hectares, and the annual total Hungarian catch is around five thousand tons.

The haul is guaranteed, so you shouldn't leave Hungary disappointed.

More Information
Hungarian National Anglers' Association

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HuntingHungary's hunting history stretches back to the time of the Romans, for the teeming wildlife of the province of Pannonia was an important source of food. For our ancestors who settled in the Carpathian Basin, the region of fertile soil, rivers and teeming wildlife assured food and survival.
Today hunting is a part of a conscious game economy, but the natural environment and all-year-round organized hunts beckon ever more visitors to Hungary to participate in this unforgettable experience.
There are red, fallow and roe deer, wild boar and mouflon, to mention just a few of the larger game: more than one hunter has returned home from the Hungarian woods with a world-class trophy, for many world records were born here. The Plain and the flatlands mostly teem with small game; pheasant, rabbit and wild duck hunting are popular here.

Foreign citizens are allowed to hunt in Hungary together with a valid hunting permit from the Hungarian authorities. Conditions for application are a valid hunting contract, a letter of invitation, a gun-license and a permit to bring the weapon into the country.

Hungary has an all-year-round hunting season, each time of year having its own specialties. Moreover, this active recreation also provides an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with Hungarian cuisine and wines, immediately giving three good reasons why it is worth trying out a Hungarian hunting holiday.
Hunting and sport weapons’ customs regulations
You may transport the above weapons within the European Union, as well as on entering/leaving the European Union only on condition that you have a European Firearms Pass. Relevant information on transporting such weapons to third countries is available at their competent diplomatic services in Hungary.
On entering Hungary from a third country, individuals having no residence in any Member State of the European Union shall be entitled to import, export or transit through the country their firearms and related ammunition for the purposes of hunting or sporting events on the basis of the accompanying certificate for firearms and ammunition (liable to an administration service fee pursuant to the provisions of Decree no. 50/2004. (VIII.31.) of the Ministry of Interior) issued by the border customs office, provided that their expected period of stay within the territory of the Republic of Hungary does not exceed 90 days.
Participation in the hunting event must be credibly confirmed by presenting the invitation letter of the entity organizing the hunting event, as well as a hunting permit.
In the case of a purchase, only such weapons may be brought in the territory of the European Union, which were purchased in possession of a purchase license issued by the Police. The import of weapons carried for self-defence may be licensed by the county (Budapest) Police Headquarters competent for the expected place of entry and/or transit.
Hungarian hunting tour operators

Hunting in Hungary

Hungarian hunting dogs

Hungarian Greyhound (Magyar agár)
Hungarian Wirehaired Pointing Dog (Drótszőrű magyar vizsla)
Transylvanian Hound (Erdélyi kopó)
Hungarian Short-haired pointing dog (Rövidszőrű magyar vizsla)

More Information
Hungarian National Chamber of Hunters

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