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RunningRunning in Hungary, either as a recreation or a sport, is a special pleasure. The landscape is variegated and picturesque; the country abounds in beautiful natural features, historic monuments and folk architecture. There is a route to suit every taste. The trails lead through hill and dale, on flatlands, along the shores of lakes and rivers, along dikes. You can visit the country’s most beautiful monuments, museums, memorial sites, medicinal spas and wine regions, and a large number of national parks.
As you roam the woods, meadows and sandy steppes (pusztas), with the wind in your face and the fresh air in your lungs, you can observe the wonderful flora and fauna closely. The running tracks along the surface waters, the Danube, the Tisza and the shores of Lake Balaton, offer many natural features to admire. Spas with thermal waters are the best places to relax after a successful run.
Since the 1990s there has been an increasing social demand for a healthy way of life along with an environmental consciousness, so running has become part of society's active lifestyle.
Highlights’ of Events for 2010
Distance (km)
Distance (miles)
25th Vivicittá Run
18 April 2010
12, 6.5, 3.5, 2.8
7.5, 4, 2.2, 1.7
9tHill Half Marathon, Normafa, Budapest
25 April 2010
21.1, 9.8, 7.8, 3.5, 2, 8
13.1, 6, 4.8, 2.2, 5
17th Marathon and Half Marathon Relay, Budapest
16 May 2010
7, 2.1
4.3, 1.3
7th Generali Run Budapest
16 May 2010
10, 9.5, 5
6.2, 5.9, 3.1
21st Spring Women Running Festival, Budapest
05 June 2010
6.5, 3.3, 1.5
4, 2, 1
13rd Kékes Hill Run
12 June 2010
7th Hortobágy Half Marathon
10 July 2010
21.1, 12, 6
13.1, 7.5, 3.7
15th Night Run, Budapest
11 Sept 2010
5th Lake Balaton Marathon
20-21 Nov
21.1, 14, 10, 7
13.1, 8.7, 6.2, 4.3
Most popular running routes in Budapest:
1. Margaret Island
2. Along the Danube River on the Buda side
3. Citadella at Gellért Hill on the Buda side of the Danube
4. Normafa – the place is known for its panoramic scenery and fresh air, it is located on Svábhegy and is in close proximity to Jánoshegy, the highest point in Budapest
For more information please visit:
Budapest Marathon Organisation