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Trendy Budapest

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Trendy BudapestBudapest is a vibrant, cosmopolitan, trendy city. Fans of design, architecture, fashion and gourmet food will all find something to explore in this constantly changing city.
Retro is once again in. Whether you want to dress up in a mix of retro-grandma and electroboogie style or enjoy today's food at a restaurant with an 80's theme or want to buy some unique souvenirs to take home to your eager friends, Budapest boasts it. 

Kőleves kert
7th district, 37-39. Kazinczy street
The history of Kőleves kert (Stone Soup Garden) illustrates perfectly how things are changing in the 7th district of Budapest. In the place of the earlier Kiskacsa Restaurant, now we have Kőleves kert's own restaurant, but the next building has disappeared: the empty gap in its place is, however, a perfect space for an open-air pub.

7th district, 46 Király street
Imagine a large beer hall filled with street art and sounds betraying a past as a motorcycle repair shop. Kuplung (clutch) is located in the former garage, and it still looks like one, or like a middle-sized hangar. There are few football tables, the bar, tables to sit at and free space to park your bike. The place is cheap and very popular among students and art types. The place might not be easy to spot, but look out for partying people disappearing behind the wooden gates.
7th district, 18 Dob street (Síp corner)
The “Boogeyman” is one of the most popular places in Budapest. The word “kert”, which means garden in Hungarian, describes it perfectly. What it really refers to is a new phenomenon, many new nightlife spots emerging sprinkled throughout the city centre, particularly around the old Jewish neighbourhood in the city’s 7th district. So this place is basically a run-down building/courtyard that has been converted into a sprawling lounge with funky decorations, a vibrant atmosphere, and a colourful palette of music.
6th district, 65/B Csengery street
The "spare key" is a bar, club and restaurant popular with the bohemian crowd and full of laid-back vibes. The place offers regular live music, home-cooked meals and a pleasant summer terrace that’s cosy, charming, and has just enough grass that isn’t covered by chairs and tables.
Szimpla Franchise
· Szimpla & Dupla Café
7th district, 48 Kertész street
· Szimpla Kert
7th district, 14 Kazinczy street
Szimpla is a mixture of an open air space, a pub and a cinema. From the street you almost miss the entrance because it looks like a regular door entrance (watch out for a small yellow sign) but inside it is amazing. It looks a little bit run down but that’s what gives it the special Szimpla Kert flair. The cinema plays alternative movies almost every night. A cool young crowd gathers here to chat, drink and smoke. Most people come to Szimpla Kert to have a cheap beer or wine and chill out. On summer nights, the courtyard fills up fast. Nowadays it became a little touristy due to its appearance in popular guidebooks, but it’s still a great place to hang out at.
Corvin Tető (Rooftop of the Corvin Dept. Store)
8th district, 1-2 Blaha Lujza square, entry from Somogyi Béla street
Fecske Terasz (On top of the Komjádi Swimming Pool’s building)
2nd district, 8 Árpád fejedelem útja
Moszkva Bistro
2nd district, at Moszkva square (on top of the metro building)
ChaChaCha Underground Cafe
1st district, 37/a Krisztina boulevard (by the Budapest South railway station)
Dürer Kert
14th district, 19-21 Ajtósi Dürer sor (corner of Zichy G. street at City Park)
Ellátó Bar
7th district, 1-2 Klauzál square

6th district, 38 Nagymező street

14th district, 3 Olof Palme promenade
Sark Café
7th district, 14 Klauzál square
Szóda Café
7th district, 18 Wesselényi street
6th district, 3 Hegedű street
WAMP, the Hungarian Design Market Thousands of people visit the Hungarian Design Market, the WAMP every month, to find unique, high quality design products from Hungarian designers. The
WAMP follows the example of the London and New York markets and has a main objective to establish a regular forum for design and applied art products.
Here is a list of unique shops that you won't find anywhere else:
Eclectick Unusual and playful clothes by Hungarian designers.
Retrock Deluxe Alternative, unusual stuff. Unique one-piece creations by Hungarian designers
Jajcica - Alternative Second Hand - Dohány Street A Flea market in a cellar. Adidas Superstars, jersey wonders, leather jackets, pants, boots, military stuff, all types of exciting accessories. Atmosphere & bargaining.
Ticci Authentic atmosphere, best selection of the 50's.
Látomás Contemporary Hungarian fashion and design.
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