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Eger - BasilicaThe history of the Hungarian state is the same age as Christianity in Hungary, for the state’s founder was King St. Stephen, who one thousand years ago raised Christianity to a state religion. According to the 2001 census, approximately three-quarters of the population stated that they were Christians, but all the historic churches and believers of other religions live together. Among the rights declared in the Constitution of the Hungarian Republic, those of freedom of conscience and religion express the community’s pluralism, founded upon the mutual tolerance and understanding of people of different persuasions. This freedom of conscience and religion applies not only to religious people but to every citizen.

Gülbaba türbeAccording to the World Parliament of Religions, without dialogue among religions there will be no world peace. The world religions, who represent universal values, must not forget that God is universal, and that no single church or culture has the right to claim him as their own. A good example can be found here, where in the heart of Europe the congregations of orthodox and neologian synagogues, Catholic and Protestant churches, mosques, Krishna temples and Buddhist stupas mutually respect each others’ religions.

TákosReligious buildings receive many visitors as a result of their architectural, cultural and religious peculiarities. The majority of visitors are not primarily motivated by religion; they seek out religious buildings and sacred places, several of which are now listed World Heritage sites, to take in the spectacle, the wonderful works of art and to take a glimpse at “living” history. Naturally there are those amongst them who are motivated to travel to religious sites and events through their religious practices and outlook on the world. This they may do freely in Europe’s Hungary, and as they live their spiritual lives they can also be enriched by an unparalleled cultural experience.
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