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Hungary Tourism application

Active tourism

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ernyoDiscover Hungary in your own way! Don’t just look: do! You don’t want anyone telling you what to do and how, but you’d like to take on some active leisure? If you’re a devotee of water sports or fishing, you’ll be met by sunshine, clean air, an undisturbed countryside, numerous rivers, lakes and streams as well as Central Europe’s largest lake and river. Lovers of the hunt will be tempted by territories rich in game and enormous trophies, while there are professional courses for golfers. If it’s hills and woods that you’re after, then there are hundreds of kilometres of nature trails through spectacular countryside, while for passionate cyclists and equestrians there are flat and hilly terrains, marked routes and unspoilt nature, free of restraints, forbidding signs and fences.
Some like to be free. If that includes you, come and give it a try!