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goflWhile some sources place the original of golf in Roman times, or in medieval Italy, and Holland has records of a game resembling golf, the game’s official terminology, jargon and rule-book all originate from Scotland, and the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews has existed since 1754. The game, which spread incredibly quickly all over Scotland, England and Ireland - perchance as the result of a miss-hit? - made its way across the English Channel around 100 years ago, spreading across the old continent. Golf had its Hungarian debut in 1902, held on a racecourse by Count Géza Andrássy. The Budapest Golf Club, out of which later evolved the Hungarian Golf Club, was founded in Budapest in 1911.
There have been official championships since 1921. Until 1951 these were organised by the Hungarian Gold Club, and since 1990 by the Hungarian Golf Association: domestic clubs hold nearly 130 competitions each season, with international competitors participating in training and competition organisation.
At present, 12 professional golf courses in beautiful surroundings await lovers of the sport of golf - apologies, the golfing way of life. For that’s what it is; a way of life: active recreation in the great outdoors, a serious physical accomplishment demanding heightened concentration, self-discipline and courtesy. Today some 65,000,000 play golf all over the world, 98% of them amateurs, and they say that the 18 holes are 18 good reasons for playing golf.
And why should you come to Hungary to play golf? Because golf is about relaxation, and Hungary is not only renowned for its excellent courses, but also for its cuisine and thermal springs, providing a perfect opportunity to combining a round of golf, a good meal and some wellness - at practically every golf club.
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