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fishingVisiting fishermen say that Hungary is carp-land, for as a result of regular, large-scale stocking you are assured of a good catch of carp in practically all our waters, with records both in size and quantity of catch. Other species of fish are also popular targets for fishermen: the catfish, pike-perch, pike, bream, and here and there sterlet, barbel and eel. More and more carnivorous fish turn up on one’s hook, with large grass carp reaching weights of 25 kilos being much valued and frequent catches. The total fishable area of our waters exceeds 130,000 hectares, and the annual total Hungarian catch is around five thousand tons. Utilisers of the water turn serious attention to the fish economy, especially to replenishing and introduction of stocks of the more valuable species. Natural reproduction also plays an important role, which is why anglers who primarily use the methods of competition fishing will gain particular enjoyment from a rich haul of choice fish.
Hungary has a wealth of natural lakes of all sizes, reservoirs, quarry lakes, ox-bows, irrigation canals and picturesque rivers, so the Hungarian fishing community of nearly 400,000 and the tens of thousands of foreign fishermen visiting Hungary annually can select from a wide choice. It is well worthwhile trying your hand on our great lakes, the Balaton, Velence and Lake Fertő, or at Lake Tisza, the 6,000-hectare reservoir created from the River Tisza which at the same time is a naturally abundant water area, with its wide range of fishing and recreational opportunities.
Hungary’s fishing waters conceal a myriad of fish; it is entirely up to the angler’s skill as to how he enjoys himself and what kind of catch he leaves the waterside with. The haul is guaranteed, so you shouldn’t leave Hungary disappointed.

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