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Hungary Tourism application


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erdoHungary is characterised by a remarkable variety of terrain ideal for lovers of the countryside. I the wink of an eye the table-top flatness of the plain converts to hilly regions where the forces of nature have formed basalt organ-pipes or caves with drip-stones shaped like fairytale figures. So it is not by chance that people have been rambling our countryside for a long time, and that the country has a network of well-signposted tourist routes. Altogether nearly 11,000 kilometres of safe tourist routes in hilly areas await both hardened hikers and amateur ramblers, with another 2,000 kilometres on the Plain and other flatlands. So whether you have just forty-eight hours or two whole months, you'll find the trail for you!
The "Blue Tour" route is something of a peculiarity in Europe, cutting across the country in a west-east direction from the Austrian to the Slovak border, from Írott-kő to Nagy-Milic, from the Zemplén Hills to the Bakony via Vértes, the Buda Hills, Pilis and the Mátras and the Bükk, making it possible to traverse Hungary. But should you find this one-thousand-kilometre tour insufficient challenge, you can continue around the "Blue Circle," taking in the Great Plain and Southern Transdanubia to cover a total of 2,500 kilometres.
Our national tourist routes have been connected by the European Tourers' Association to the network of long-distance European routes, becoming part of the E3, E4 and E7 transcontinental tourist routes. At the same time Hungary's tourist routes stand out from among their European fellows, in that only here can be found the unique sign system informing tourers not only of the route to take, but also of observation points, caves and the many other natural formations and manmade creations that are important to the tourist.
Take a touring option to discover the natural beauty of Hungary; everywhere the wanderer will find something to wonder at, and meanwhile there will be a host of places to quench thirst, stave off hunger and rest one's weary head. Don't miss out on this experience! Happy touring in Hungary.
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