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ridingThe Magyars are considered to be an equestrian nation, and we wear that badge proudly, for horses have played an important role in Hungarian history for thousands of years. Our ancestors, who arrived from the steppes of the Urals conquered the Carpathian Basin on horseback, and Europe quaked at Hungarian arrows. Later the Hungarian hussars showed their equestrian mettle, winning fame in the 15th century for their courage, mobility and the speed of their horses in the wars against the Turks. The figure of the hussar is deeply imprinted in the Hungarian psyche and by the 18th century had become the most popular of soldiers. His decorative uniform, military style and tactical role created a renaissance in military costume.
Today equestrianism has become a sport, but our outstanding equestrian sportsmen and women have reaped prizes all over the world, whether in dressage or driving. These good results are naturally not the result of luck: quite apart from Hungary’s thousand-year-long equestrian traditions, the country’s varied terrain provides ideal conditions for all kinds of equestrianism, both for beginners and more skilled horsemen and women, whether lovers of the trek or the gallop.
Days spent on horseback in the unspoilt countryside or tours cutting across the country – unlike most European countries, your progress will not be impeded by fences – will grant the equestrian wanderer an unforgettable experience. But those who prefer a more comfortable ride on horseback will also meet their expectations, with numerous hotels, pensions and farm accommodation offering all kinds of accommodation, from village tourism to the five-star hotel.
In Hungary even the best equestrians can learn something new. The famous “puszta quintet” was inspired by an Austrian painting, and was brought to life in the 1950s by an outstanding Hungarian horseman galloping on five steeds at once. Today there are Hungarian cowboys who can ride eleven horses at a fearful gallop, demonstrating the perfect harmony between horse and rider… and that we Hungarians know all there is to know about riding! Come and be convinced yourself.

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