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sailingRivers of all sizes create a mesh over Hungary like the network of veins on the human body. If you love water, you’ll be attracted by the many routes, from peaceful backwaters to wild rapids, from middling to large rivers. Our homeland is bisected by one of Europe’s largest waterways, the Danube. Europe’s second largest and Hungary’s largest river flows more than four hundred kilometres before it bids farewell to Hungary. The whole of the Hungarian section of the river is regulated and navigable. Meanwhile, the Great Plain is divided by the Tisza, the whole of the Hungarian length of which can be rowed or travelled by motorboat. Water tourism in Hungary is a life form, with the water, sunshine, fresh air, harmonious exercise, camping and the magic of the campfire all being contributing factors, while the landscapes, colours, sounds, sunrises and picturesque sunsets assuring you of an unforgettable experience. Lovers of nature and water sports will be able to savour from a rich variety.
Our land is also rich in lakes. When the weather conditions are right the Balaton, also called the Hungarian Sea and Central Europe’s largest freshwater lake, covering a territory of nearly 600 sq. km., is amok with sailing craft. Sailing competitions on the Balaton are primarily favoured by “technical” sporting yachtsmen because of the lake’s complexity of winds. Over the past few years the number of marinas has risen dramatically.
Swimming in Lake Fertő, part of the World Heritage, is a special experience, and rowing and sailing no less so, while there is skating on the ice in the winter. As you make your way through reeds by kayak or canoe, observe the more than 300 species of birds that nest here.
Lake Velence, which covers 26 sq. km. and has an average depth of 1•2 metres, has rightly been nicknamed the sunshine lake, for every year the sun shines upon it for more than 2,000 hours. Its silky waters refresh and regenerate tired bodies, so it is no surprise that it is popular with bathers, yachtsmen, surfers and canoeists from early in the spring.
waterskiA few decades ago engineering genius conjured up a lake in the middle of the Hungarian Great Plain. The resulting area created by flooding the Tisza received the nomenclature of Lake Tisza. It is unique in that thanks to its fortunate hydrographic conditions the water skier, jet-skier, bather, silence-loving angler and bird-watching and flora-studying nature walker can all coexist. It is a special water-life through which the Tisza flows, assuring it of a quality of water unparalleled among European freshwater lakes.
Whatever the watery leisure-time activity, Hungary is a true paradise, for here you will find an ideal location for every water sport.
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