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Communication by the Hungarian Tourism Plc.

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The national tourism marketing organisation thinks the halt of Malev may only have transitional effect on incoming tourism. Both current and future access to Budapest are ensured.
The Hungarian Tourism Plc. is conducting negotiations with competent government officials, Budapest Airport, several flight operators and trade organisations about the grounding of Malev to eliminate any serious consequences the ensuing flight cancellations might have on Hungarian incoming tourism.
The Hungarian Tourism Plc. has involved 19 foreign representation offices and its round-the-clock Contact Centre into disseminating information.
The national tourism marketing organisation uses its central websites (www.itthon.hu; www.hungary.com) and the portals of its foreign tourist representations to make available the necessary information in the required languages for foreign travel trade partners and the international media and to provide Malev customers with information on possible flights offered by other flight operators and market participants along with information from Budapest Airport.
The Hungarian Tourism Plc. has also embarked on negotiations with the Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association to secure safe accommodation for passengers stalled in Budapest by using the indemnity facility provided in a ministerial decree to be announced today.
In its own sphere of interest, the Hungarian Tourism Plc. has also done its best to maintain uninterrupted business flows and has for instance rebooked the reservations of the participants of study tours to Hungary for other flights. In addition to information posted on websites, the foreign service staff of the Hungarian Tourism Plc. offer reassurance to travel trade partners and the representatives of the international media in response to incoming calls by confirming that Hungary remains an easily accessible destination for tourists due to immediate measures, new flights and flight operators and other market participants.
The national tourism marketing organisation does everything within its competence to prevent any serious harm to incoming tourism in Hungary.