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Eger-Tokaj Hilly Wine Region

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Shiraz HotelThe country's highest mountain, the smallest village, the first Hungarian language bible from the 16th century, and the oldest railway from the 19th century can be all found in the Eger-Tokaj Region. The world renowned Hungarian wine, the Tokaji Aszú, ages in the cellars of this region, while one of Europe's most beautiful horse tracks and biggest cave systems is also found here.

This one thousand year old Episcopal and archiepiscopal seat is one of the most beautiful Baroque cities in Hungary. Its inhabitants are proud of its glorious past and priceless heritage of monuments. In 1552 a handful of Hungarian warriors held the town's fort against a Turkish force of forty thousand.
WineThe Prison Museum, the Waxworks Museum and the Minaret evoke historical memories, while the gallery exhibits paintings by European masters from the 15th to the 19th centuries.
The town also offers a wide selection of full bodied red wines. In the century old wine tasting cellars honeycombing the volcanic soils of the hillside of Valley of the Beautiful Ladies (Szépasszony völgye) you can taste the famed Bull's Blood.
The Aggtelek National Park
The National Park is a home to one of Europe's largest stalactite caves. This spectacular system of caves extends for 14 miles. AggtelekThe cave prides itself with the world's tallest stalagmite and a concert hall with incredible acoustics. Dazzling rock and crystal formations named after their perceived lookalikes, such as Dragon's Head, Tiger, Mother-in-Law's Tongue, as well as dozens of underground lakes and winding passages can be explored as part of a guided tour. Experienced cavers also come to Aggtelek in search of new adventures. Above ground, the quiet, forested landscape is a haven for birds, butterflies, amphibians and reptiles, as well as the occasional brown bear or lynx. According to scientists, Aggtelek is one of the world's most wonderful geographic phenomena.

TokajThe historic Tokaj wine region has been producing "the king of wines and the wine of kings" for 450 years. Crowned heads of states, including Russian tsars, Polish kings and the Pope of Rome were among regular customers of the wines made from grapes which ripen on the sunny hill until late autumn giving them high sugar content. The exhibition at the Tokaj Museum traces the glorious history of the drink initially used as medicine in the middle ages.
Volcanic hiking trails give a full panorama of the region.
HollókoThe strikingly restored black and white houses of the region’s Palóc people, an intriguing ethnic minority whose traditional dress varies from village to village, provide a unique view of Hungarian peasant life. The village has several museums displaying costumes, photographs, pottery, weaving and other arts and crafts.

Nestled in the beautiful Bükk Hills, Szilvásvárad is the home of the celebrated Lipizzaner horses, considered to be the best riding horses in the world, despite their small stature. Not only are they very robust and graceful, they can also be trained to perform elaborate dressage manoeuvres.
Hungary’s third largest city, Miskolc has several interesting churches and synagogues to explore, but the cave baths steal the show a 20-minute ride away on the No. 2 bus. The outdoor complex, a series of atmospheric pools discovered in 1920, is tailor-made for wallowing.Twelve kilometres west of Miskolc, the tranquil resort of Lillafüred is best known for its neo-Renaissance palace hotel nestled in a lakeside forest. The village’s two stalactite caves also attract visitors and the surrounding area lends itself to hiking.
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