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Science and wonder in Hungary

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There are some places in the country where you can get close to the mystic world of science and nature. Magical places with interactive exhibitions. Real indoor family fun! Get amazed!

Palace of Wonders (Csodák Palotája)

Budapest: Learn more about simple things, how they work and what their functions are. Balloons, heath maps, air cannon, moonwalk, waterfall illusion, room of colours. Palace of Wonders offers more than 100 interactive teaching games on 2000 square meters.
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Tesla-coil, fish-stair, moonwalk, laser gun shooting, planetarium, solar flare and much more await you at the new interactive science center in Mosonmagyaróvár. Futura built in an old cereal storage on 3600 square meter, and each level has a different theme, like air, water, fire and earth.
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Lake Tisza Eco-Centre

Europe’s largest freshwater aquarium with all the species of Lake Tisza. Watch fish swim right in front of your nose, enjoy the view from the look-out tower, peek into the microscopes, or watch 3D movies about the wildlife of the area.
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Planetarium Budapest

Sit under a 1000 square meter dome of the 35 years old planetarium and let yourself be amazed by the mysterious world of stars and planets of the universe. There are usually free programmes too.
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Pannon Csillagda (planetarium)

Situated in town of Bakonybél, among the hills of Bakony in Transdanubia. The main attractions of the 800 square meter center are the digital planetarium, telescope park, astronomy and space research exhibitions.
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Magic Mountain (@ Budapest Zoo)

Explore the magic of life on Earth in a real time travel. Follow the evolution from a single cell million years from now until today’s great, small, beautiful and weird creatures. How about a photo inside a prehistoric shark’s jaw? Do you know how large is a whale’s heart? Get all the answers inside the Magic Mountain.
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Mobilis Science Center

Interactive devices (movement and control, energy and drive, planning and manufacturing), creative workshop, 92m² display for amazing physics shows, don’t miss the nitrogen-fountain experiment! Science Center awaits you in Győr.
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Fossils of Ipolytarnóc

Rhinos in Hungary? Well, something like that walked here in the past, because we have its tracks in the stones of Ipolytarnóc. And so much more. You’ve got to look at these relics and fossils they have in the visitor centre, which also has 3D cinema, study-trail, and a corridor, what represents the inner cavity of the giant petrified tree from which fossil find the area became famous in 1836.
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Hungarian Natural History Museum

As you step in to the museum, you will see a tremendous skeleton above your head. Which animal is that? Guess! Permanent exhibitions: Variety of life, Lost worlds (all about dinos), Underground secrets (crystals, minerals, treasures), The rich diversity of coral reefs. There are virtual exhibitions too, about geological past, extinctions, etc. If you lucky you may see the annual nature photography exhibition.
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