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Top 15 must see castles in Hungary

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Hungary has about hundred castles and ruins of castles all over the country. Here we selected for you the best 15, which are worth a visit if you have the chance.

Castle of Szigliget with Lake Balaton

Hungary has a very rich historical past. Because of the many type of folks in the Carpathian basin and surroundings and the large medieval empires Hungarians had to build massive castles to protect themselves. Some of these were destroyed through unmerciful battles or sieges, but a couple of them are still standing, and became the marks of the country’s heroic and hard past. Now all of them are renewed or strengthen, and waiting for tourist and visitors. Most of them has events, such as concerts and castle days, where visitors can take a look on how people lived and fought in the Middle Ages.

1. Buda Castle & Citadel
In the middle of the capital is the largest and richest castle of the country. The Buda Castle has a lot of festivals, restaurants, confectioneries, museums, hotels, view points to the city and so on. It’s a full day program to explore all the good parts of the complex.
On the Gellért Hill, next to the Buda Castle is the Citadel, a romantic place for a nice tour. After you struggle up on hundreds of stairs, you will be able to see almost the whole city from above.
More info and map:

2. Eger Castle
In the town of Bull’s blood red wine, the castle and the surroundings are one of the most beloved destinations by tourists. The castle has a historical museum, while in town of Eger you can find restaurants, confectioneries and wineries and much more.
More info and map:

3. Vajdahunyad Castle
Back to Budapest, in the City Park (Városliget) situated the Vajdahunyad Castle which famous by representing the 1000 years of Hungarian architecture by mixing parts of castles in itself. Next to the castle there’s the large open-air ice-skate ring, what is a lake for boating during summertime.
More info and map:

4. Esztergom Castle & Basilica
The castle is in the northern border of Hungary. Inside the castle takes place the largest Roman Catholic building of the country and the 18th largest in the world, the Esztergom Basilica.
More info and map:

5. Visegrád Citadel
The castle of Visegrád is a very popular place for a tour among the residents of Budapest. You can go up by foot, what is quite straining and by car or bus. From the citadel, you can see the great curve of the River Danube. It’s stunning.
More info and map:

Games of the Middle Ages at Diósgyőr Castle

6. Castle of Diósgyőr
The area of the town and the castle is the part of Miskolc, the largest town in north-eastern Hungary. The castle is a four-tower building, mostly ruined but still beautiful. Lot of concerts, theatre and other public events organized there.
More info and map:

7. Castle of Sümeg
The completely renewed castle is now a good place to take a tour. It’s just a short detour away from the Balaton.
More info and map:

8. Somlói Castle ruins
You will find this castle next to Doba, on the Hill of Somló. The ruins are not easy to reach, but when you get there, you will have a spectacular view on the Somló wine region.
More info and map:

9. Castle of Gyula
The town of Gyula became more famous year by year mostly from its role in the Hungarian Pálinka life. Next to the gothic castle there’s a nice boating lake while inside a castle you can find a museum, the castle prison and a knight’s hall. The garden of the castle is a perfect place for open-air events.
More info and map:

10. Castle of Boldogkő
A continuously renewed castle has a very amazing panorama view from viewpoint on Oroszlán Rock. The castle has a wine-cellar, a historical exhibition, a tin soldier exhibition on a large table forming the Battle of Muhi with thousands of figures.
More info and map:

Castle of Boldogkő

11. Szigligeti Castle ruins
The castle had a destructive strike by lightning to the ammo tower, which almost entirely destroyed the building. In 1702, King Lipót the 1st gave order to ruin the castle. Now what left has been strengthen and a very nice place to be, with a stunning panorama over the Lake Balaton.
More info and map:

12. Castle of Tata
The Castle of Tata raised on a small island in the Lake Öreg. Inside there’s exhibition on the ceramics of Tata region. The Lake Öreg and the castle is in the town of Tata.
More info and map:

14. Bory Castle
The castle is a piece of art made by Jenő Bory, architect. Without a complete plan, he just extended the building complex year after year. It has a tower, cellar, art hall and an inner yard with hundred columns. The Bory Castle situated in Székesfehérvár.
More info and map:

15. Castle of Füzér
The castle was built on a rocky hill, so it’s pretty hard to reach, and makes the renewing process difficult. But in return from the tower this castle has one of the best view over the region.
More info and map: