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Lake Tisza 2012

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The area of Lake Tisza, along with many other spots of Hungary is dynamically renewing and developing. New hotels, guest houses opened, new hiking routes and bicycle roads made. We took a trip and now give you some news about these novelties.

tiszatoLake Tisza [ti-sa] is the second largest lake in Hungary. It is special because it is an artificial, manmade lake. It’s been planned to give water supply for the soils in the area, but surprisingly became one of the richest wildlife spot and then one of the most popular tourist destination in the country. We took a trip on the northern and eastern part, and here’s what we perceived.


One of the first guesthouses at the lake was the Fűzfa Panzió and they still there and waiting for tourists with new developments. Good place to start your tour to the lake. The new Eco-Centre is just a stone’s-throw away. The offer nice rooms and small houses, indoor and a 24/7 outdoor pool.

szoloszemEast from centre of the lake, in Tiszaszőlős, there’s another great recreation complex, called Szőlőszem. The place where you get everything you need: pool, Jacuzzi, bar, sauna, table-tennis, restaurant, wine cellar, sandy football and volley ball court, horse riding, quad and bike riding, boat-trip on the Lake Tisza, and many more. Szőlőszem farm has houses for 4-9 pax, rooms and luxury apartments. All new and are for a good price.

Beside these family guesthouses, if you need real luxury, you have to visit Hotel Balneum, right on the shore of the lake. There’s top quality rooms, spa and restaurant and they organise you everything you wish for, such as extreme park tour, boat-trip, bike-tour and so on.

Of course beside these, there are a lot of other pensions, hotels and guesthouses all around the lake.

Things to do

Right next to Hotel Balneum, on an island situated the largest extreme park of the country, the Robin Island, with rope courts from children level to extreme hard. There’s also a 400 m long canopy cable slide and climbing wall.

eco_center_buildingIf you spend more days at Lake Tisza, there’re plenty of programmes and day-trips for you. In Poroszló, there’s the new Eco-Center with the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe showing you the rich wildlife of the lake. There’s also 3D movie room, playground, playroom, microscope room, look-out tower, dragonfly-house and many more.

If you are able to take a one-day-trip away from the lake the four top things to do is the following. Eger is a beautiful city with a famous historical castle. Eger’s also has a wine region, producing the red cuvee wine, called the Bull’s Blood (Egri Bikavér in Hungarian).

Tokaj isn’t so far from Lake Tisza, and worth a visit, if you like sweet golden wines, and wish to visit old wine cellars and the nice town of Tokaj, the capital of Tokaj Wine Region.

The Hortobágy [hor-to-ba:ɟ], is one region of The Great Hungarian Plain, where people live and keeping live stock. Hortobágy has museum representing the ancient lives of local shepherds, hortobagymerchants and horsemen. You can go on horse-drawn carriage trip on the great plain, and see how large is this grassland, and how these people lived there. They also show you some tricks with their horses, and you can see from close the famous Hungarian grey cattle, buffalo, racka sheep and mangalica.

If the water temperature of Lake Tisza doesn’t satisfy you, you can take a short trip to Hajdúszoboszló [haj-du:-sobos-lo:], and visit the aquapark.

Gastro tip

You may heard about the Hungarian goulash soup. Well it came from the Hortobágy, and it’s still the best place to taste the real and the best goulash, made from grey cattle. For example, at the Hortobágy Csárda (restaurant).

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