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The silent woman in Budapest

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On 4 October 2012, a true rarity will be staged in the Palace of Arts, an international all-star cast starring Kurt Rydl and Julia Bauer, conducted by Zoltán Kocsis will present The Silent Woman, perhaps the most cheerful, entertaining and melodious work of the old Richard Strauss.

4, 6 October, 2012, Béla Bartók National Concert Hall


In the main roles: Kurt Rydl, Mária Temesi, Paul Armin Edelmann, Bernard Berchtold, Julia Bauer

Julia Bauer
What is its genre? Comic opera? Operetta? Only Strauss would know. The thin dividing line between the two genres might not even be seen with the naked eye or might not even exist. The culture of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was extremely rich in musical comedies (no matter if they are called operettas or comic operas): along the Budapest-Vienna axis brilliant composers, such as Johann Strauss, Ferenc Lehár and Imre Kálmán thrilled the audiences. Their works did not only entertain but also used irony to hold a mirror up to society; but first and foremost, offered a chance to escape reality.

The Silent Woman goes down the road that Strauss started with the nostalgiainfused The Knight of the Rose. There is neither abstract metaphysics nor hard-to-digest musical modernism; it is a charming musical theatre in the real sense of the word. A retired admiral who needs peace and quiet disinherits his nephew, an actor, and instructs his barber to find a silent woman for him. Apparently silent, the woman chosen is no other than his nephew’s wife, an actress, who suddenly becomes a garrulous shrew on the side of the morose sailor. In the end, the deceived old man forgives everyone. Built on a cheerful plot and full of enchanting melodies, this old-age masterpiece has a special tension to it due to its apparent ignorance of the period when it was composed.

Presented by: Művészetek Palotája, Nemzeti Filharmonikusok

Prices: 3300, 4500, 5900, 6900, 9900 HUF

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